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All time top 10 space apps for android. Find your best and download here.
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top 10 space apps for android 2021
Best space apps

This best space apps for android is to manage phone addiction and helps to restrict mobile usage. It unplugs you from the phone addiction and spends the time being more productive and creative. Thus, SPACE apps are free to users and do not contain adverts. Here in this article, I have listed the top 10 space apps for android of 2022 with their unique features.

1. SkyView

Terminal Eleven’s SkyView is an Augmented reality (AR) based application supported by both android and ios. Initially, it asks for your permission to get to your current location. Turn it on, then explore the universe present over your head. 

You can simply move your phone to find out the galaxies, stars and their constellations, planets, and satellites even ISS. To make us easy, the app has a focus lens at the center. When you point out any space objects with that, it shows up its name, location, its constellation name if it is a star, and more information about it. 

Some of cool Features:

Night mode :

 In settings you can get this mode and it makes more reality to view the sky. 

Follow path:

This feature helps us to know the path followed by the space object and also it shows the future path of it. 

Mobile Wi-Fi:

It does not require any internet connectivity to explore the sky. You can enjoy your discovery at any time and at anyplace. 

Click to download : SkyView


This is an official app released by NASA. It is a showcase of thousands of images released by them. As equally, it has exclusive videos, checking out upcoming videos and watch it out on live on NASA TV. 

Tv and audio

  • Here you can get public/media where people talking about the space news and podcast/radio where you can listen to their cool songs 24×7.
  • Moreover, it has ISS viewer, you can enjoy the scenery all over the day. 
  • Missions, schedules, and sightings
  • There you see the list of missions launched by NASA and also the future missions. In the sighting section, you can check on, when the ISS can be seen from your own location. It’s really cool to tracking ISS. 


Under this section, you really get a cool way to explore the universe. 

Particularly the solar system model, is a amazing feature where you can expect to view the live location of all the spacecraft and the space objects. Why waiting get a link below, download and start exploring. 

Click to download : NASA

3. Star walk 2 

This is an another augmented reality star chart shows you thousands of stars, its constellations, planets. I personally use this app to know the exact positions of the planets. 

Moreover it has add on contents, but you have to pay for it. Extra features includes:  Extended solar system

  • 3D constellation
  • Satellites
  • More about planets
  • Space cartoons

The great thing about this app is, you can get the detailed information about all the celestial bodies you see in the sky. But you have to adjust with the ads showing up here. 


Visible tonight: 

This shows you, what else you can notice in the sky for that particular day. 

What’s new:

This feature allows you to read more articles on the space events. 

ISS alert:

Under notifications, you can switch on the ISS button, to alert you when the ISS pass over your head. 

Click to download : Star Walk 2

4. SpaceZX 

          This is an app for the astronomers and space enthusiastic to know the detailed information about the solar system. The app gives more knowledge about planets and upcoming & previous spaceX missions.

          It gives the accurate tracking of ISS and their information. Some of the interior and exterior celestial bodies also explained in easy manner and clearly described

          The great work of this app is all the given information are easily understood by beginners to advanced level astronomers

Features :

  • Hubble space telescope detailed view
  • Daily NASA picture articles 
  • Indian astronauts detailed study who traveled into space 
  • Some serious facts on space 
  • Hubble news and discoveries

What’s new :

          It gives the detailed study of astronauts who are right now in space. 

Click to download : SpaceZX

5. Stellarium:

Stellarium it’s a real planetarium. With the ease of sensor control, we can explore the unknown stars in a quick time. Here you can find out lakhs of stars, galaxies, satellites, and even nebulae. You can also view this online. Stellarium was chosen as one of the top 10 space apps for android in 2022. The only flaw here is, it needs to pay for many features available here.

Some of the cool features:

  • Here you can put your phone to landscape and enjoy the sunrises, sunsets, and galaxies.
  • Tracking the International Space Station
  • Can view the stars and planets of any date, time, and location.
  • Night mode is available and it will be in red making you see clearly.

Some drawbacks:

  • Here you won’t get detailed information about the constellations. 
  • You can’t measure the angle.
  • Some information is not that accurate.
  • Advanced options need money.

Click to download : Stellarium

6. Star chart:

The star chart or star map, also called a sky chart or sky map, is a night sky map. The astronomers divide these into grids to use them more easily. They are used to identify and locate constellations and astronomical objects such as stars, nebulae, and galaxies.


  • AR Mode (augmented reality)
  • Night Mode.
  • Sky View Mode.
  • Explore Mode.
  • Sky Search.
  • Solar System.
  • Stars and constellations.

Controls of Star Chart:

Controlling and navigating Star Chart is as intuitive as point and look. Aside from AR mode, we have incorporated as many standard commands as possible across the various platforms. 

Click to download : Star Chart

7. SkySafari:

SkySafari has a constellation illustration overlay feature if you can’t quite visualize the lion or bear that everyone else claims to see. The app also offers history, mythology, and science information to accompany the images. This Stellarium will be one of the top 10 space apps for android 2022 but for also all years.

SkySafari helps you move the phone around, and the sky chart follows your motion. You can identify stars, planets, and constellations by holding your phone up to the sky. 

SkySafari displays a map of the sky from any location and shows how celestial bodies’ positions change into the past or future. 

Features of SkySafari:

The free iOS version feature of the SkySafari is an inexpensive in-app purchase that unlocks a package of extras called the Cosmos Collection. The audio tours for hundreds of objects and audio pronunciations for even more.

Orbit Mode allows you to lift off the Earth and travel to other planets, moons, and stars. Galaxy View lets you visualize the 3-D positions of stars and deep-sky objects in our Galaxy, the Milky Way. 

Click to download : SkySafari

8. Skymap:

The skymap is a map of the night sky that shows stars, constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies. The skymaps are often called the star charts or star maps. Thus, all the skymap shows the entire night sky from horizon-to-horizon.

Different views of sky map:

Infrared: To see infrared imagery of the current view. You need to adjust the opacity, move the slider.
Microwave: Adjust the opacity by moving the slider to see microwave imagery of the current view.
Historical: By seeing historical maps of the sky. You have to adjust the opacity, move the slider. You might get a better view by zooming out.

Click to download : Sky map

9. SkEye:

SkEye Planetarium has a massive database of solar system objects, Messier, and constellations. The search function guides you to point your mobile and zoom in onto the thing you look for it. Have your tracking system by attaching the mobile to your telescope and align the app’s map to it. 

SkEye is an advanced Planetarium that can also use as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes. It may use a combination of three sensors: the gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer

Features of SkEye:

The robust feature of SkEye is its search-and-direct tool. Let’s say you want to find Neptune in the night sky, but Neptune is relatively dense to distinguish from the millions of twinkling stars in the night sky. Click the three vertical dots in the SkEye star map’s top right and tap “Search,” and type in as “Neptune.”

You will then redirect to the star map, with a bottom-line system, and an arrow guides you to Neptune’s location in the sky.

Click to download : SkEye

10. SkyWiki:

The sky is fascinating but overwhelming by the information when you look for answers.SkyWiki App is the one-stop center for you.
The SkyWiki provides users with a simple kit of helpful features for stargazing with your Android phone, including a GPS-assisted star map, a calendar of celestial events, a compass, and a “periscope” chart that displays vital information.

The featuring is one of the most impressive simulators among the sky watching apps. 

From the Periscope page, you can check out various astronomical events and celestial objects. If you’re gushing about the events, in particular, you can gain access to both historical and future events.

Features of SkyWiki:

  • Sky Wiki also has numerous unique features.
  • Skymap
  • Calendar
  • Periscope
  • Astronomy
  • news
  • Astronomy photo
  • compass

Click to download : SkyWiki


Space helps you find the phone/life balance and overcome your addiction and enables you to develop a healthy attitude towards the screens. So, what are you waiting for? download those top 10 space apps for android 2022 and be Astrophilic.

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