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In this article, we mainly focus on the golden record voyager contents in detail.
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both voyager have golden record

Do you know, Voyager 2 was launched first before the Voyager 1 spacecraft. Voyager 2 was launched on August 20, 1977, followed by Voyager 1 on September 5 in the same year, the summer season. In this article, we mainly focus on the golden record voyager contents in detail.


It was launched with the aim of studying the outer solar system and planets of our Solar System – Jupiter and Saturn on its pathway. In 2012 it reached the interstellar space, thereby creating a history – First human made object to enter the hypothesized region, interstellar space.


It was launched with the aim of studying the deep outer space of our Solar System and it is the only spacecraft to visit Uranus and Neptune. In 2018, it entered interstellar space and became the fourth spacecraft to leave the Solar System.

Current status of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2

Both the twin spacecraft are sending data signals to the Earth by the deep space network. Depending on the power of the spacecraft to transmit a data signal to Earth, both the Voyager could remain in the range of the Deep Space Network through about 2036.

n record contents
Voyager leaves solar system

Until 2025, it’s the current status of engineering instruments will remain in the ON position. Voyager 1 was crossed 22 billion km distance from Earth, whereas Voyager 2 was just crossed 18 billion km from Earth.

What are Voyager golden record contents – Launched with messages to the aliens

Carl Sagan, the committee chairman, and his associates selected the contents of the record for NASA. The contents comprise, 115 images, various natural sounds, the music of different cultures and eras, people of 55 different languages gave their spoken greetings and includes printed messages from President Carter and U.N. Secretary-General Waldheim. In further, we discuss the contents of the voyager golden record in detail.

The Voyager Golden Record contents – Safely protected

To be safe, both the records were encased in a protective aluminum jacket. The Jacket also includes a cartridge and a needle. We have the diagram on the record, it’s an instruction written in symbolic language. It explains the spacecraft’s origin and says how to play the record.

Here below we see the contents of the Voyager golden record contents in detail

1. Image:

In the record, the total images of 115 were encoded in the form of an analog to explain the planet Earth and the human race.

The images were

  • 1. Calibration circle
  • 2. Location of our Solar System ( Andromeda galaxy beside )
  • 3. Mathematical definitions
  • 4. Physical definitions
  • 5. Our solar system distance calculations
  • 6. The Sun
  • 7. Solar spectrum
  • 8. Mercury
  • 9. Mars
  • 10. Jupiter
  • 11. Home (Earth)
  • 12. Clouds over Egypt
  • 13. DNA bases
  • 14. DNA structure
  • 15. Cell division
  • 16. Birth
  • 17. Nursing women
  • 18. Father and child
  • 19. Continental drift
  • 20. Structure of Earth

Here I give u just 20 images encoded in the record at first. To know the complete 115 images, click here on the official NASA website.

2. Music

Due to copyright issues I have given you the few musics recorded in the voyager record.

  • 1. India, raga, “Jaat Kahan Ho,” song.
  • 2. “Dark Was the Night,” tune
  • 3. Zaire, Pygmy girls’ initiation song
  • 4. Bulgaria, “Izlel je Delyo Hagdutin,” song.

To know the list of all musics recorded in golden record click here of the official NASA website.

3. Sounds

The following were the sounds electronically placed in the golden record of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.

  • 1. Music of the spheres
  • 2. Volcanoes, Earthquake, Thunder
  • 3. Mud pots
  • 4. Wind, Rain, Surf
  • 5. Cricket, Frogs
  • 6. Birds, Hyena, Elephant
  • 7. Chimpanzee
  • 8. Wild dog
  • 9. Footsteps, Heartbeat, Laughter
  • 10. Fire, Speech
  • 11. Train
  • 12. Kiss, Mother, and Child

To get the complete list of sounds from various things click here of the official NASA website.

4. Greetings

In addition to it, they have added greetings in different languages from all over the world.

NASA asked Dr. Car Sagan to give him full freedom ( in choosing format and greeting words ) and asked to assemble a greeting. Badly, information about the individual speakers was not given, but most of the speakers were from Cornell University and the communities surrounding them.

The following initial piece is an excerpt by Linda Salzman Sagan from the book:

” During the entire Voyager project, all decisions were based on the assumption that there were two audiences for whom the message was being prepared – those of us who inhabit Earth and those who exist on the planets of distant stars.”

The following were, some of the greetings:

Here I have given you the few greetings of the different languages stored as the contents of voyager golden record which electronically placed in the voyager record;

Note : All the greetings were spoken in their own languages and here given by translation to English.

The greetings begin with the Akkadian ( spoken in Sumer – 6 thousand years ago. ) and end with Wu ( Modern Chinese dialec )

1. Akkadian

“May all be very well”

2. English

“Hello from the children of planet Earth.”

3. German

“Heartfelt greetings to all.”

4. Hindi

“Greetings from the inhabitants of this world.”

5. Telugu

“Greetings. Best wishes from Telugu-speaking people.”

To get the complete greetings of the different languages click here on the official NASA website – of the voyager record contents.


I hope that I made clear to you about the Golden Record of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. It is the first attempt in explaining our planet Earth’s culture to the extraterrestrial species. It may make no sense to them.

The record reminds you how beautiful and unique our Earth is to save our Earth and support each other. If any difficulties in finding the recordings from the official website, comment below to get the original recordings.

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