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top space travel companies
Lets know the top 5 space travel companies in the world and what's they are planning to do?
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Space tourism – For those who say ―The World is not enough. There are so many innovations and space explorations; combining these to provide an excellent experience to the seekers and propel the space research comes to space tourism.   Today there are many active virtual space tours offered by national and a few private space agencies.  Also, there are attractive offers inviting explorers, adventurers, and tourists for a natural time to space by a few big agencies. Here we have listed top space travel company in the world.

top space travel companies

The Virgin Galactic  – the top space travel company:

The answers to several of the challenges we face in sustaining life on our beautiful but delicate planet lie in making better use of Space.  Sending people to Space will not only expand our understanding of science but will teach us amazing things about human ingenuity, physiology, and psychology.

Thus, we are at the vanguard of a new industry determining to pioneer twenty-first-century spacecraft, which will open Space to everybody. Here, change the world for good.’  is what Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Galactic, has got to say about their space tourism.

This space tourism company aims at providing regular suborbital spaceflights for customers. One of its shuttle, VSS Unity, entered outer Space in December 2018 as part of its testing process. The company already has a significant waiting list of people wishing to become space tourists.

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SpaceX is hugely experiencing in launching space flights. The company has missions to become a space tourism provider narrowing down to lunar tourism and other forms of space travel extending beyond Earth orbit, at least for the near end term. Thus, the company’s founder, Elon Musk, announced his intentions to send two paying customers on a trip around the moon in 2017.

The mission initially planned for 2018 was delayed. SpaceX has not disclosed a pricing strategy or waiting list for lunar expeditions, be readily watching out for the ticket sale.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin is the main competitor for Virgin Galactic in sub-orbital space travel tourism.  Their offering is over a more conventional rocket, known as the New Shepard that departs and lands vertically, and their objectives are to construct towards orbital spaceflight.

In line with Virgin Galactic‘s, this company has performed several test flights and is planning to put paying passengers into Space soon but has not started fixing prices for the tickets.  What’s revealing is they plan to carry up to six passengers on each flight. Blue origin becomes the top space travel company with its ideas.

Orion Span

Orion Span is a space travel company in the United States that had announced plans for a private commercial space station – Aurora Space Station. This station would be positioned in the low Earth orbit and would effectively operate as a space hotel to accommodate up to six space tourists at a time.  This agency has already sold out several months’ worth of reservations. Per last updates, the Orion Span estimates to host its first paying guests at the Aurora Space Station in 2022.

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The Boeing Company became a significant competitor in this segment when it signed an agreement with NASA’s Commercial Crew Development program. As per this agreement, the program designs to improve the involvement of private sector companies to produce the crew vehicles to be launched into orbit.  Boeing started work on the creation of a crew capsule – Boeing CST-100 Starliner.  

The agreement allows the company to sell seats to space tourists, and it assumes that at least one space tourist would participate in each future space mission.

The Space Adventures

Positioned in Vienna, they work to create unique opportunities for their clients to launch to Space for multi-day missions.  They identify and create spaceflight opportunities on spacecraft already scheduled to launch by matching individuals to fly together on commissioned missions and facilitate entirely secret missions.  Some of their clients have deep technical and engineering backgrounds, but not all. They work with each client to identify their priorities to customize their training and preparation program accordingly. They enhance their in-space experience by developing a spaceflight program to match their interests and focus on meaningful activities – whether making the most of the view, engaging with students, contributes to scientific research, or advancing philanthropic causes important to them.  

Okay, while you wait for these agencies to call you to the board, here are some options for a virtual tour that help the space enthusiasts, and maybe those can consider collecting more knowledge or use it as simulation environments.

At the Kennedy Space Center

Located in Central Florida, the Kennedy Space Center offers various packages to create the best virtual experience for space tour enthusiasts.  Planet play area, shuttle travel experience, rover experience, space simulation experience, historical and ongoing mission, astronaut training experience.

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At Space Centre Houston

Apart from the various education programs, the Space Centre at  Houston offers exhibits on Astronaut gallery, deep Space, space station era, Apollo mission snippets, and live audio-visual presentations on various space travel missions.

At The Nine planets

The Nine Planets have their online presence since 1994 and has been one of the first multimedia web pages. It offers features like interactive tours of the solar system, providing facts and data about the planets, the solar system, and Space.


Today’s NASA website offers a virtual tour to the Space station like Harmony, Tranquility Unity, Destiny, Columbus, Kibo, Cupola, Leonardo, Zarya, Zvezda.  

Historically, the urge to see what lies just over the horizon has led us to find new settlements, identify new resources, taught us new skills, keep improving and innovating.  We earthlings will grow and evolve only through continuous exploration of the unexplored.  The investigation of Space is the ultimate expression of the human desire to push boundaries and stands at the pinnacle of our achievements. Undoubtedly, these spare tour missions will be a big hit with this population and a win-win for both the tourists with a great new experience.

Therefore, the top space travel company companies for getting us to the next level by exploring new Space aside from earning some significant income from each tour ticket!

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