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Welcome to your Today's Quiz - Spacecraft

This spacecraft carried the first human into space. What was it called?

This spacecraft doesn’t travel anywhere but takes amazing pictures of stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies from the Earth’s orbit. What is its name?

What was the first manned flight around the moon?

What was the first man-made satellite?

This spacecraft was the first to return a sample from an asteroid. What was its name?

This spacecraft was the predecessor to the International Space Station. It stayed in orbit for 15 years and outlasted the country where it was produced. Over its lifetime, it hosted 125 astronauts from 12 different nations. What was its name?

The two spacecrafts are Rosetta and Philae. What goal did they manage to achieve for the first time in history?

This spacecraft has been traveling across the Solar System since 1977. It remains the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus and Neptune. What is its name?

Which spacecraft is depicted here?

Which spacecraft is mentioned here?

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