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humans to moon by 2024
Artemis is the first step for the humans to the moon which will be next era of human exploration. NASA will establish a supportable presence on the Moon to prepare well before getting into the Mars surface.

The Romans identified Artemis with Diana. The daughter of Zeus and Leto was Artemis, and they are twin sisters of Apollo. An Artemis will light our way to the Moon and Mars. Artemis is the first step for the humans to the moon which will be next era of human exploration. NASA will establish a supportable presence on the Moon to prepare well before getting into the Mars surface. It establishes supportable life


What is Artemis ?

NASA could land the first woman and first man on the Moon using innovative technologies to explore the lunar surface than ever before with Artemis missions. We have to establish the first long-term presence on the Moon. We may build an Artemis Base Camp on the surface and the Gateway in lunar orbit.

Why NASA’s Artemis program is essential?

In the 20th century, space exploration was an excellent outlet for technological advancement, international cooperation, and our genuine curiosity.

In 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins made the first successful human-crewed mission to the Moon on Apollo 11, which seemed impossible.

We will send the next man and first woman to the Moon for the lunar exploration program Artemis by 2024.

Artemis-I – Gathers information

NASA will launch a crewless flight to test the SLS (Space Launch System) with Orion spacecraft on top. It will travel from Earth about 280,000 miles, and its distance beyond the Moon is 40,000 miles. Artemis-I launches on April 2021, and it kicks off the entire mission, but there will be no humans on board this spacecraft.

When Orion gets to the Moon, it will orbit for about six days to assess the spacecraft’s performance. It will also collect some essential data from Moon. And instead of landing on the Moon, Artemis-I will overshoot by thousands of miles. It spends more time in space without docking at a space station than any other spacecraft, and its kind has ever done before, NASA hopes in three weeks.

Artemis-II – Orbiting the Moon

Artemis-II will be the first crewed flight test of the Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft around the Moon. NASA says Artemis-II currently schedules to launch in 2023, and they won’t land on the Moon as the spacecraft designs to orbit the Moon and return to Earth. In the 21st century, the first crewed mission to leave Earth’s low orbit following the path of Apollo 17 which made the trip in 1972.

We have several tests designed to demonstrate critical functions, including mission planning, system performance, crew interfaces, navigation, and deep-space guidance during this mission. Then, spacecraft will circle the Earth twice and fire its engine to speed up towards the Moon. Thus, spacecraft will use the Moon’s gravitational pull to slingshot itself back to Earth after it orbits the Moon, where it will land safely.

Artemis-III – Humans to the Moon

NASA says Artemis-III can launch in 2024. But this time, a second crewed Artemis flight aboard the Orion spacecraft, and the mission will land on the Moon. The crew will land on the Moon’s south pole, while two of the astronauts will go to the Moon’s surface for six and a half days to perform experiments and conduct spacewalks. Here, the other two will be on the Gateway-Orion orbital complex.

You have the spacecraft that will connect with the lunar Gateway once it reaches the Moon, a small spaceship, which may orbit the Moon. Thus, the Gateway is already under construction, although NASA won’t fully complete it until 2026.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Artemis mission?

NASA builds new technologies like the Space Launch System rocket, Orion spacecraft, and Exploration Ground Systems to take them to the Moon and Mars. NASA’s Artemis will return humanity to the Moon. Then, the Artemis missions will put the first woman and first person on the lunar surface. Associating with commercial and international partners, NASA will establish around the Moon to support more exploration than ever before.

2. Why humans to the Moon?

We can learn about the universe and access resources on the Moon by exploring the lunar surface. It also prepares us to deep space travel to Mars. Humans and robotic activities in orbit of the Moon will teach us more about the universe and our planet.

3. What does the logo of Artemis mean?

The Artemis mission patch, draws inspiration from the Apollo Program while demonstrating how Artemis will take us on a new lunar and Martian exploration path.

  • The ‘A’ also represents the arrowhead from Artemis’s quiver and a rocket launch.
  • The blue arc represents the Earth’s crescent.
  • The doubly blue arc represents Artemis’s bow, shows how Earth is the source of the energy and effort sent to the Moon.
  • The gray circle represents the Moon, the equipment for Mars.
  • The red crossbar of the ‘A’ represents our path to Mars.


We have described a piece of information about Artemis for your reference. You can also learn more about its achievements, Artemis program, etc. Hereafter, when humans to the Moon missions scheduled, they plan to stay awhile, unlike the Apollo missions. Following the Artemis-I test mission, Artemis-II will involve a crewed spacecraft orbiting the Moon. Last but not least, Artemis-III will take humans all the way, landing on a crewed mission on the lunar surface.

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